“I know who you are. I remember you because I interact with you. And since I know more about you than my competitors, I can do something for you that my competitors can’t do”

Today companies are challenged to win share of customer rather than market share and to determine success based on retention and customer equity. Companies learn how to measure each customer’s profitability to their products. Trend shows that more companies bring products to customers, not just customers to products.

To win the customer’s heart companies must add values to their products and they must have a good understanding of the customer. It is less costly to do more business with existing customer than to start with someone new. By having a loyal customer, companies also create his/her barrier to exit.

As a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service provider, COMMENT will help you to identify your customers through any channel and interactions over time. We believe that Identifying, Differentiating, Interacting and Customizing (IDIC) principle works best to learn about customers.


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